ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars One Dollar Notes

The first note in the Dream-Dollars system is the One Dollar note. Every numeric system must have a One, upon which all the other denominations built. One is the primal number, the base of all mathematical systems, and it represents the concept of unity, singularity, and wholeness. One the fronts of all the One Dollar notes are the four ships that carried the explorers and colonists to the new world of Nadiria. When using Dream-Dollars to seed your dreams, the One acts like the significator in a tarot card reading: representing the Questioner and her situation.

One Dollar Winter note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2001)

On the Winter note, we see the Phoenix, the vessel that carried the Council of Elders, the creators of Nadiria, to the southern refuge of Constonia. The great minds that boarded the Phoenix represented the soul of the colony. The reverse shows the Sunset. The bittersweetness of endings shines a cool light on your accomplishments, and prepares for rebirth. The fallow time of Winter is for reflection and memories. This recurring symbol from Samuel’s Brundt’s philosophy, the Tree-Chimney, means Transformation.

One Dollar Spring note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2001)

The flagship of the Constonian fleet, Reliance, is featured on this note. If Nadiria was the mind of the church, then Constonia was the body, providing life-giving sustenance in the form of vital supplies and goods shipped to Nadiria every Antarctic spring.  On the reverse of the Spring note, we see the City, whose time is the Spring: growth, expansion, success.  Your destiny is to build; set one stone upon another, but be sure your foundation is firm. The Mystic Hand effects change, and contains practical wisdom.

One Dollar Summer note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2001)

The mighty Quicksilver graces the front of this note. The lead ship of the Engineering Expedition of 1855, it carried the church’s best scientific minds to Antarctica on the valiant mission to hew the colony out of the icy wilderness. The Storm is on reverse: the Primal Soup. Within the Ultimate Void, everything is formless and without meaning. The task of Creation is set before you. The All-Seeing Eye envisions all possibilities, sees all potentialities.

One Dollar Autumn note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2001)

This note depicts the families of the colony fleeing the fires of the Civil War aboard the Katherine Rose. These men, women, and children are seen leaving a war-ravaged nation to start a new life in a pure, innocent world.  The reverse features the the Ocean. The Water of Life contained in the Arcane Cup. New things emerge out of the chaos; work comes to fruition. Drink in the nourishment that is all around you; draw strength from your world.

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