ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars Thirteen Dollar Notes

The Thirteen Dollar note is the center of the Dream-Dollar System, which is why it is a vertical note, rather than the normal horizontal design. This note is about the forces and power of Change. The number thirteen is an irrational number, and has always been associated with bad luck and jinxes. There are thirteen lunar cycles in a year, so this number is closely associated with the moon, which represents intuition, emotion, and dreams. But the moon has a dark side, so it also means lunacy, madness and curses, as with werewolves.

Thirteen Dollar Winter note, Digital print with mixed media, 6 x 2.5″ (2002)

The Winter note illustrates the Virtue of Faith. As the Winter represents the death and rebirth of Nature, so it is at this time when Faith is needed most. Mme DeLaRue interpreted this note as Divine Intervention in the affairs of the dreamer. The Creature depicted on this note is the Masked Angel, many-winged and terrible. She represents Indiscriminate Good.  Pictured on the reverse are the Descending Angel and the Hand of God.

Thirteen Dollar Spring note, Digital print with mixed media, 6 x 2.5″ (2002)

On the Spring note are the symbols of Industry. Spring is the season to plow and sow, laying the groundwork for the harvest in the Autumn. The Parisians called this note Applied Force, featuring the symbols of Work. The obverse of this certificate is the Griffon, whose Rider dispenses justice and focused Good.  The reverse displays both Direct Force and Indirect Force.

Thirteen Dollar Summer note, Digital print with mixed media, 6 x 2.5″ (2002)

Patience is the theme for the Summer note. The long, lingering days of Summer while waiting for the crops to grow symbolize the need to have patience and wait on the timetable of Nature. Guarding his treasure is the Dragon, who vainly protects material possessions for all eternity.  Mme DeLaRue named this note Time, with the reverse featuring a clock, representing Worldly or Mundane Time, and the astrolabe, representing Celestial or Aethereal Time.

Thirteen Dollar Autumn note, Digital print with mixed media, 6 x 2.5″ (2002)

The Autumn note displays the Virtue of Wisdom. At the end of our life cycles, the harvest of experience is wisdom. Since the Thirteen Dollar note represents Change, the Parisians called this note Applied Knowledge. The Enslaved Demon is ridden by his master, whose power over him is Knowledge. Earthly forces bent to will is the key here.  The reverse has the symbols of Earthly or Mundane Knowledge, as well as Spiritual Knowledge.

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