A Museum Exhibition in Copenhagen

I was recently invited to join a large exhibition of artmoney in a museum in Denmark. The exhibition will be entitled, “Art During Corona” and will be on display at the Bank and Savings Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark (pictured above). The opening is around September 4, 2020, and the show will run for about a year. I’ve been making moneyart for over twenty years, and I’ve been involved in the Bank of International Artmoney (BIAM) for over a decade. You can go check out the organization, run by Lars Kraemmer, at http://www.artmoney.org.

Artmonies for BIAM must be a specific size and meet certain criteria to be part of the artmoney project. The concept is that art is money, and all artmonies must be original works of art, signed and numbered by the artist. You can spend artmoney at many places all over Europe, especially Denmark. Many restaurants, B&B’s, and shops take artmoney as currency, plus you can buy and sell artmoney on the artmoney.org site. Someday, I’ll visit Lars in Copenhagen, and I plan on spending artmoney to subsidize the trip!

Lars came here to NY awhile ago, and I spent the afternoon with him and his wonderful family. I have to admit, I had drifted away from making artmoney for a while, but meeting Lars reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the project, and I got back into it again.

Ten pieces will be in the show. Lars will choose his favorite to be featured behind glass, and the others will be displayed in an interactive exhibit. Many artists are involved, so there will be hundreds of artworks on display! They will all be for sale, and the price is fixed for all artmonies, so they can be a constant value for use as money. The price is reasonable (400 Kroner), so I hope to sell many pieces, which can be resupplied during the long term of the show.

With the theme of Art During Corona, I created works that reflected themes of safety, yearning for freedom, fear, death, etc. They are various prints I had made earlier, but I converted them to B/W so I could hand-color them in colored pencil. This was an experiment, and I’m glad I did it! I think that hand-colored prints may be a new theme for my gallery work in the next couple of years. I like how they came out.

This is the second time that work I did for BIAM made a difference in my overall work, pushing me in a new direction. That is the great thing about getting involved in other artist’s projects: it pushes you outside your comfort zone and makes you try new things. I really encourage you artists to try this; work with other artists, under new restrictions, and wonderful things will happen!

Lars is having another show in October at a gallery in Paris. I think I’ll get busy!

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