Joey Skaggs!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending most of the day with the amazing Joey Skaggs! Joey and his lifelong partner and producer, Judy Drosd, were at NYU teaching a class about the media and culture-jamming . For those of you who don’t know about Joey, he has been pranking the US national media, as well as the international media, for the past 50 years. He is famous – or maybe infamous – for staging elaborate hoaxes designed to prank the media, in order to reveal how the media doesn’t do their jobs, doesn’t vet or investigate their stories, and can easily be fooled. Joey has run a Cathouse for Dogs, developed a cockroach cure for diseases, been a “priest” with a portable confession booth, offered Coma Vacations, created Fish Condos, and so many, many more. His pranks have been covered by national television and newspaper media for decades. You have probably seen his hoaxes on TV several times. Also, Joey has run the New York April Fools Day Parade every year since 1986. Please check him out and buy a copy of his new film!

Judy Drosd, Joan Barnwell, Joey Skaggs, and myself.

After his four-hour presentation at NYU yesterday, we went out to dinner and had a wonderful time talking about art, life, pranks, and the universe. At dinner, we were joined by Antonia and Nick Palazzo, who are making a film about film preservation and collecting. It was a great day!

To find out more about Joey, please visit his website:

or go to his blog at:

The Art of the Prank

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