Spooon, Digital print, 16 x 20 (2019)

I have just finished another new print. Entitled, Spooon, this is a weird, fun piece. I’ve always liked the symbolism of spoons: they represent food, nourishment, comfort, healing, and even knowledge. It is the first tool we learn to use as a baby, it is used to administer medicine, and it can even be used as a musical instrument! It is deeply iconic and a potent metaphor.

By turning the spoon into a cross-like symbol, this adds new dimensions of faith and spiritual nourishment. The forks below suggest the Other, which is excluded or even conquered. I think that this piece is deceptively simple, and contains a host of meanings and connotations.

I have often toyed with the idea of doing a whole Spoon show and pitch it to galleries. I still might do that….

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