Kirkus Loves Willoughby’s

Kirkus Reviews is the undisputed king of book reviewers. Bookstores, libraries, and buyers all rely on the reputation and prestige of Kirkus. For indie publishers, you have to pay a hefty fee to get a Kirkus review (and that’s a necessary thing, otherwise they’d be swamped with crappy books) and you are certainly not guaranteed a favorable review. Well, my newest book, Willoughby’s World of Wonder, got an amazing review from them. The reviewer really “got” the book, and it was a glowing review. I was really happy with that, and I thought that was it. It was over, now I use the Kirkus review in my PR.

Then I got an email recently, informing me that Willoughby’s was selected to be included in their monthly print magazine, Kirkus Review! It is quite an honor! Less than 10% of all reviewed books get included in the magazine. I am super happy and grateful that Kirkus chose my book for this feature. I am really pushing Willoughby’s to get into indie bookstores, and this will really help. Thanks Kirkus!

Check out the book trailer for Willoughby’s:

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