Via Vitae

Via Vitae, digital print, 28 x 28″, 2019

I have a new print, part of the new body of fantasy work. I’ve been working on this print for quite some time – a couple of years, actually. But I finally got around to finishing, printing, and framing it. It is called Via Vitae, which means the Path of Life. It is a Life’s Journey, from Birth (at the top) going around clockwise through Childhood, Work, Marriage, Family, and ending in Death again near the top. Life is about playing the cards you have been dealt

So here’s the raw print, which I sent out to be printed at a service bureau. The print itself is 20 x 20″ square, but it is 28 x 28″ when rotated 45 degrees to its proper orientation. I love diamond-shaped images – having done a few in the past. The shape is bold, dynamic, and very attention-getting!

I number and sign each print in pencil. This is the very first print, so I have numbered it as Artist’s Proof number 1 of 5. I usually do around five prints for myself, sometimes making tweaks in the brightness or contrast, and when it is ready, I number them in the run of fifty, which usually sell for around $400 each.

I have a big 4 x 8′ work table in my studio, and this print really tested the limits! It is big when framed, around 44 x 44″. This is the biggest print I have ever made! A bit of a challenge to matte and frame (especially in a house with two cats!) but it came out OK.

This is it framed on the wall. Boy, is this a big print! It’s very striking, and will grab attention in any gallery. But it will be expensive to ship….. It is out for consideration at a couple of galleries right now. I’ll keep you posted on where it will first appear.

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