Capital Offenses, A Solo Exhibition

My current solo exhibition is at Monmouth Museum, and it runs until September 6th. The exhibition was officially open on August 9th, but I was in Massachusetts for my niece’s wedding! No way was I going to miss that, so the museum kindly pushed the opening reception until August 16th. Here are some photos of the show.

This is the War Wall, where I hung prints that relate to the theme of war. In the foreground is Corp Wars, and then there is Perpetual War, three Petroleum Nation Coupons, and the State of War note.

This is the other half of the War Wall, featuring Empire of America, Perpetual War 2, Putin Riot, Surrender Coupon, and the Annexation Coupon.

To the left of the War Wall is the Economy Wall. These prints all relate to the economy. From left to right, we have three Debt Coupons, Indebted States of America, First Nationalized Bank of America, Leviathan, and finally the Occupy Wall Street Official Souvenir note, which I designed for the Occupy Movement.

This is the biggest wall in the gallery, featuring the War of Terror on the left, and various government-themed prints on the right.

In the foreground is the signature image of the show, Dread & Circuses. Behind it are (right to left) American Relief Bond 1, Pennsylvanian Liberation Organization, Ameristan Coupon, Syrian Gas Mask Coupon, United States of Islam $1, $3, and $6 notes, and the Ameristan Certificate.

Here is Dread & Circuses flanked by the two American Relief Bonds.

Finally, on the far right side of the Big Wall are (left to right) GMO: Greed Motivated Organism, Hypocrat Coupon, Divided States of America, and Apocalypse.

The show was hung very well, and it looks fantastic! Many thanks to the amazing museum staff. I hope you can drop by to see it before it closes on September 9. Tomorrow, I’ll post photos from the opening reception and the gallery talk.

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