A New Solo Show

Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ

A few months ago, I applied for a solo exhibition with Monmouth Museum’s Emerging Artist’s program, which showcases the works of New Jersey artists. A short while ago, they notified me that I was awarded an exhibition! Since I have an exhibition all ready from last year’s solo show in Pennsylvania, I offered to take the first slot available in the fall season. That turned out to be in August. So, I am frantically preparing for the exhibition now!

The title of the show is Capital Offenses, an exhibition of my political satire prints that I did from 2003 through 2014. These are political satire works, not fantasy, so I generally do not feature them on this blog. if you desire, you can see them on my site: MoneyArt.biz.

I met recently with the museum’s director, PR coordinator, and their Arts & Development manager to discuss the show. I brought a few framed pieces (on the table) to show them my work in person, and we discussed the hanging of the show. In the background is the large, main wall in the gallery.

This is the second-largest wall in the gallery. They gave me a plot of the room, but I measured the space myself to make sure of the usable wall space for the work.

This is the third wall available for hanging work. In all, there is around 46 feet of usable space for my work. I am leaving out several of the works displayed in the Lock Haven show, which had 48 pieces! This space is a bit smaller, and I am making it a more focused show in terms of theme.

Above is the plot of the room they gave me to plan the exhibit. I then plotted that out on graph paper, so I can accurately plan how many works will fit on the walls. The problem is, I will be at a wedding on the date of the hanging and planned opening! We had to move the opening reception from its planned date of August 9 to the new date of August 16.

I will be selling two of my books at the museum, with book signings at both the opening reception on August 16, and at the artist’s talk on August 21. The talk will be an updated version of my talk at Lock Haven, with many additions and changes. The show is evolving and growing with time.

Here is the schedule:

Opening Reception: Friday, August 16 from 6 to 8 pm (book signing)
Artist’s Talk: Wednesday, August 21 from 7 to 8 pm (book signing)

Monmouth Museum
Lot #1, 765 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ 07738

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  1. I wouldn’t pay 5 cents for a picture denigrating our first president painted like a clown much less $500!!! Can’t believe the museum is highlighting this type of art. If the artist wants to paint a clown on something, why doesn’t he paint clown images on money or other inanimate objects that are not offensive to millions of people who are proud of their history, flawed though it may be!! These figures are our history. These people deserve better. They are dead and not here to defend themselves!! Honest dialogue re shortcomings of our forefathers…..fine. But this…….no!! I will be boycotting this show and also the museum and its trips. So sad.


    • First, let me thank you for your comment. I sort of expected that Dread & Circuses might be taken this way, but let me explain its intent.

      George Washington is one of my personal heroes. He represents the spark of genius that ignited the formation of our great nation. To me, and to many, this revered statesman symbolizes America and its government. In artistic terms, he is the ultimate symbol or visual metaphor representing the United States government, which is why our capitol is named after him. By using his image, I hoped to provoke a visceral reaction to the sad transformation of the greatest government on earth into the political circus it has become. I am not criticizing our President, but the sad reality of our dysfunctional government and broken civil discourse.

      Again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my intent. I hope that President Washington would have approved of my use of his image to make this vital point.


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