If Pigs Could Fly!

Flying Pig, colored pencil, 8 x 10″ (1999)

If pigs could fly…they’d be really happy, of course! Making little creatures is always fun. My favorite subjects have always been linked to folklore and traditional faerie tales, and those are filled with all sorts of magical and talented animals. It is in our folklore that the collective unconscious finds its voice. I was once told by a professional storyteller that the original purpose of storytelling is to teach moral lessons and good social behavior to the tribe, especially to the children. Real storytelling teaches, edifies, and passes down knowledge to the next generation. That is why folklore attracts me: because it inherently contains much wisdom.

Hot Rod, colored pencil, 8 x 10″ (2003)

This guy is built for speed, so get out of the way! Life is a set of challenges we must meet, and limitations are meant to be overcome. Make your dreams real and go for it!

U.S. Snail, colored pencil with pen & ink, 15 x 15″ (1987)

U.S. Snail goes way back. I did this with colored pencil and pen & ink, which was how I drew back in the day. But even back then, you can see my penchant for combing words and images together, employing humor, and using borders and decorative elements. This was done long before email was invented, and Snail Mail was all we had.

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