A Biennial Win!

Selfie Nation, digital print, 16 x 20″ (2018)

My recent print, Selfie Nation just won Second Place at the NEXT 2019 Print Biennial in Houston, TX! Some of the stuff I do every day includes making fine art digital prints for gallery exhibition. The prints tend to be surrealist or fantasy in nature, often with social commentary. Selfie Nation is my little comment on our societal obsession with connectivity and social media. We are only now beginning to experience the pernicious effects of our media saturation: an epidemic of anxiety, fear, tribalism, suicides and self-righteousness, especially in the younger generation, who have embraced the technology to a larger extent. When we feel compelled to share our entire lives online, we have surrendered our privacy and increased our vulnerability. The speed of instantaneous mass communication, fueled by manufactured outrage and self-righteousness, creates an online swarm, a mob mentality. People can be reasonable, mobs only destroy. Our society is being torn apart by swarms of ever-multiplying identity groups, all eager to shame and condemn anyone who does not think as they do.

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