Hexikon: Mundi

The Mundi Hexikon.

The second Hexikon in the series is Mundi, or The World. There are spiritual forces and worldly forces that influence our lives. Mundi is about six archetypal aspects of this world: Work and Play, Gift and Storm, Time and House. This cube was painted a metallic copper, because that is an earthy color, grounding the ikon in the world. As Deus represents the spiritual world, Mundi describes the material world.

Work and Play.

Work and Play are the fundamental activities of our waking lives. We must work to survive, and the blessed ones among us enjoy their work. Work is a duty and obligation, but it can also be a vocation, where it brings fulfillment. To balance Work, however, we must take the time to Play, which is essential to well-being and good mental health. You never outgrow your need to play, no matter how old you get. Play also has aspects of chance and fate, because play can help us experience the effects of chance in a harm-free environment, helping us all to accept the unforeseen.

The Gift and the Storm.

One of the true joys in life is the giving and receiving of gifts, which represent love from another. Receiving a Gift is a joy and a delight, but the greater joy is in the giving. To give is a deliberate choice, an act which brings happiness to another person, and acts are far better than words. On the opposite side of the ikon is the Storm, which represents the dark times, the trials and tribulations of life. We all must face many storms in our life, but in doing so, we become stronger and wiser. The suffering we endure makes us either more compassionate or more bitter, the choice is ours.

The House and Time.

The House is an old, archetypal symbol for your personal world. Your House is all you have, all you do, all you own, and all you create – it is a metaphor for your life’s journey. Visiting your House in a dream is where you can find old memories and artifacts of your life. Opposite the House is Time, the great cycles that govern our lives. Like a clock face, Time is composed of many overlapping and nested cycles: night and day (solar), months (lunar), and the four seasons (solar). Our planet, the moon, the sun, they all dance in swirling, circular motions, endlessly repeating cycles and patterns through Time.

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