It is Better to Light a Candle

Rebirth, colored pencil, 11 x 17″ (2012)

Candles are one of the most potent symbols in our culture. You could write a whole book on the meanings of candles in storytelling, folklore, art, philosophy, and religion. Candles represent Light in all its aspects: Truth, Knowledge, Purity, Goodness, Enlightenment – even Life itself.

Sigil Plant, pen & ink, 10 x 16″ (1995)

Putting a candle in the window has traditionally been a signal to passersby, a form of communication. Sometimes this was done when a family member was away, providing a beacon for them to find their way back home. Inns, public houses, and gracious homes put candles in the window to tell travelers that they were welcome there. A tradition in many countries was to put a red candle in the window on Christmas Eve, to welcome Christ into the world.

Balance of the Qaddisin, From Heresy, Kingdom Come, colored pencil, 9 x 12 (1996)

This image was done for the collectible card game, Heresy, Kingdom Come published by Last Unicorn Games. It was a cyberpunk game with heavenly and infernal forces battling for control. (I loved the concept!) For me, this Balance is symbolic of the choice between light and dark; truth and death. It is a choice we all must make.

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