Dreamtime, A Coloring Book

My third coloring book was created by popular demand. I had published Oneirognosis, which was about the art of dreaming, and it was (of course) illustrated. So many people emailed me and asked if I had a coloring book with the images in Oneirognosis that I decided to make one! As coloring books go, DreamTime is rather unusual. It features illustrations that are collages of 15th century woodcuts, and there is a quote about dreaming from Oneirognosis on every page. It’s basically a coloring book for those who love dreams.

A slim, portable book, DreamTime has 24 images to color. Unlike my other coloring books, DreamTime was designed for traveling, so the book is 6 x 9″ in size. To enhance the colorability of the images, I drew a decorative border to surround each image; the original images in Oneirognosis do not have this border.

DreamTime makes a great companion book to the original Oneirognosis. You can use it for coloring, or you could even use it as a workbook to write down your dreams and notes. It is printed on cream paper to complement the exotic paper used in Oneirognosis. If you like dreaming and coloring, you’ll love this book!

Above is a sample page from DreamTime, showing the illustration with a border, plus the quote from Oneirognosis. And below are some blank, uncolored images as they appear in the book:

DreamTime is available on my publishing site:

And it is also available on Amazon.

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