Mythos CCG

Barnabas Marsh, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1996)

After I completed 34 cards for the collectible card game (CCG) Heresy, Kingdom Come, the doors started to open for me in the gaming world. The first freelance assignment I did for the Mythos CCG (published by Chaosium) was for the limited edition starter set. This was the first of three jobs I did for various card sets for Mythos. I had read many Lovecraft novels before, so I was familiar with the Cthulhu pantheon and stories. I was quite happy to contribute even in a small way to the Cthulhu universe!

Faraz Najir, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1996)

One of my favorites was doing the Faraz Najir card. He had a melted face and lived in the Middle east. I happen to love Middle Eastern decoration and artifacts – in fact, the brass candlesticks and the hanging lamp (at the top right) were based on Moroccan objects that were in my living room! I admit I was also probably influenced by an Indiana Jones movie or two…..

Jeremiah Brewster, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1996)

It was loads of fun drawing the Deep Ones, or perhaps they are offspring of the Deep Ones, I’m not sure any more. I wanted to create a dark, gothic mood for these, so I used a lot of candlelight and, in this one, stained glass windows. Titled angles create not just a dynamic composition, but also create an atmosphere of disturbance — something is wrong or unbalanced.

Haunted House, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1996)

I enjoy making fanciful architecture, so I got several houses and streets in this set and future sets. This was a compromise between an ordinary house and a weird gothic house, I wanted it to look like something that could be real, not too over the top. I went a little further for the house in the next set.

Robert Marsh, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1996)

The final card in this first set was Robert Marsh. I decided to have him standing on a rock, overlooking the water lit by moonlight – very dramatic and iconic. He needed to wear a crown, so I made a crown that was very fluid and organic, after all, undersea creatures wouldn’t do anything angular, but it would be very organic-looking. His cane or staff is also very fluid and almost like a braided plant or root.

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  1. Your artwork on those cards is some of my favorite of Mythos CCG.


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