Heresy – Punishers

Chief of the Apostates, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1995)

The Powers and Authorities that I did the the Heresy: Kingdom Come collectible card game, included some rather nasty types. These three are in a group I call the Punishers. Their job appears to punish the players, or their opponents, in a quite powerful way. This one, the Chief of the Apostates was a warrior angel, avenging those who have lost their faith.

Chief of the Destroyers, colored pencil, 9 x 12″ (1995)

The Chief of the Destroyers, I was told, was a powerful demon who ate the souls of mortals. That was why I embedded skulls in her hair, used bones in the border, and had a human soul hanging around her neck as a necklace. She is particularly evil.

Chief of the Punishers, colored pencil, 9x 12″ (1995)

This demon, or dark angel, was called the Chief of the Punishers. He was sent out to kill those who deserve punishment. I was given a lot of latitude to design these characters by the game creators, so in this one, I wanted him to be like a hunting hawk. He was kept hooded until needed. I told the art director that he was hooded until he killed, so the only ones who saw his face were doomed to die. He really liked that idea.

All told, I did a total of thirty-four cards for Heresy: Kingdom Come, twenty-four magic items, or Alephs, and ten Powers and Authorities. It was a fun project that I did after I got laid off from my commercial photography job in 1996. I thought at that time that I would be able to become a full-time illustrator, but it was not to be. I got a lot of work from CCG’s back then because they were hot, but when the CCG craze died down, so went all the freelance work. I had to return to commercial photography and video production in 1999.

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