ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars Fifty-Two Dollar Notes

As part of the Natural Number System, Fifty-Two stands for fifty-two weeks in a year. This note pairs off with the Seven Dollar note to make a Year (Seven days in a week times fifty-two weeks in a year). This note represents aspects of the Mind, as used in the Dream-Dollar dream seeding system.

Fifty-Two Dollar Winter note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2004)

The Winter note features Church Founder Samuel Brundt. He founded the first of the Secret Societies, The Chymical Garden. His title within the Society was the Theoctist of Rome. It is believed that four great cities represented each of the Four Provinces of the spiritual plane.  On the reverses of the Fifty-Two Dollar note, we see the four aspects of the Mind represented by their archetypal symbols. The reverse of the note depicts the Golden Crown, seat of Wisdom.

Fifty-Two Dollar Spring note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2004)

Ferdinand Olsen, Theoctist of Alexandria, is on the Spring note. He was the founder of the Golden Trident, the Society of which the least is known.  The reverse of the note displays the Sacred Egg of Imagination, guarded by the Newborn Serpent.

Fifty-Two Dollar Summer note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2004)

The fullness of Summer is the Understanding of all things; the certainty of knowledge that comes from experience. Jervis Langley, Theoctist of Constantinople, is depicted on the obverse of this note. He was the First Elder of the Duadic Radius, the Secret Society that celebrates its anniversary on the Winter Solstice.  The Blossom of Understanding is on the reverse of the Summer note.

Fifty-Two Dollar Autumn note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2004)

Autumn, the time of the harvest, is the time also of Memory. Joshua Cohen is featured on the obverse of the Autumn note. Cohen was the Theoctist of Athens, and founder of the Winged Trigram, most prestigious of the Societies.  The many-faceted Jewel of Memory is depicted on the reverse of this note.

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