ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollar Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollar Notes

The $365 Dream-Dollar notes are the culmination of the Natural Number System, where 365 days equals One Year or Anum. This was the last note created in the series (at around 2003), after four years of work. It is printed on gold paper stock for several reasons: gold is the color of wealth and worldly success and this note represents the completion of the System; gold is also the color of the sun and the $365 note represents Transformation. As 365 days Transforms into One Year with the annual seasonal cycle, so also the sun affects the world in daily and annual cycles. Making the front a horizontal design and the back a vertical design also reinforces the Transformative nature of this note.

Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollar Winter note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2002)

The $365 denomination is about transformations, and the greatest Transformations of all are Birth and Death. As Winter is the deep stillness of the year, the place of becoming, so this note depicts the Birthplace of Souls. That place where we discover the Genesis of all things, the First Impulse. The reverse of this note shows a uniquely Nadirian view of Death. The Angel of Death is a small child riding a ferocious lion. The Child carries the Spirit Pot, where he gathers all the souls he collects.

Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollar Spring note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2002)

In Spring, we have Marriage, the attraction of opposites. The bonding of spirits, the knitting together of souls is the greatest Transformation we may choose to undergo in life. While gaining another, we actually lose part of ourselves as we merge and become one. The reverse of the note depicts Divorce, the rending asunder of that which was one. As Marriage unites with bliss, Divorce divides, always with pain.

Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollar Summer note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2002)

After a long struggle comes the Victory. Work, perseverance, and patience are all required to overcome the obstacles in life. Once those obstacles are gone, the way to Success is a clear path. Victory changes the landscape of possibilities, creating new, more powerful realities. The reverse features the emblem of Defeat, where possibilities vanish, and landscapes narrow. Called Success and Failure by Mme De La Rue, this note is commonly believed to be the most powerful of the Dream-Dollars.

Three Hundred Sixty-Five Dollar Autumn note, Digital print with mixed media, 2.5 x 6″ (2002)

Rewards are deserved, the harvest is earned through hard worked, but the Blessing is given to you as a Gift. The Blessing is bestowed upon your head unlooked-for, but when most needed.  The reverse of the Autumn note has many names: the Curse, Destruction, Jinx, and Calamity. Destruction rides a chariot driven by serpents, a sickle in his hands to cut down those in his path. Where Blessing imparts help from above, so Destruction imparts hindrance.

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