EQUINOX, A Coloring Book

My first coloring book was called EQUINOX. The images I created for this plumbed the depths of my early work and themes, and it took a year of solid work to make this book. Reaching back into my archive, I redrew several older drawings as line art for EQUINOX. It was a real labor of love. I realized that my drawing style would work really well for coloring, and since I have used colored pencils as my primary medium for decades, it seemed natural that I make a coloring book or two (or three!).

As Above, So Below. One of my favorites.

For my first coloring book, I wanted to create one that will be fun for the beginner, and still challenging for the advanced colorist. EQUINOX takes you on a grand journey through the Annual Cycle in four chapters: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This immersion into natural cycles and folklore places EQUINOX firmly in my body of work, with strong connections to my fantasy drawings, gaming work, and even Dream-Dollars.

The Book of Mystery.

EQUINOX has over 52 detailed images to color. I drew each image on a 15 x 20″ piece of illustration board and reduced it to standard 8.5 x 11″ for the book. This allowed me to hand-draw the images cleanly and with sufficient detail. I always try to draw images as large as possible, because that makes it better for reproduction….even though it’s a pain to scan in sections and stitch them together!


Whimsy is the word for EQUINOX. There are Beelephants, Dragons, Snail Houses, Wishbones, Flying Fish, and so much more. I really had fun exploring a new world with this book. It has gotten great reviews and it even won a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Living Now Book Awards!

Wild Candycanes in their native habitat.
City of Dreams.

If you’re into coloring, head on over to AntarcticaArts.com
and order yourself a copy of EQUINOX!

Available on AntarcticaArts.com and Amazon!

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