Horrors of Science!

Well, right now I’m working on three new books: a new science fiction coloring book, a magnum opus called Encyclopaedia Nadiria, and this one, entitled Horrors of Science. Like my last book, Willoughby’s World of Wonder, this will be a restoration of an alleged actual book from the 19th century. It is a “Compendium of Infamous Inventions and Dubious Medical Experiments.” It will be divided into several sections: Human Morphology, Biomechanical Enhancement, Interdimensional Translations, and possibly more. The images in this post are from the last category.

Featured in the book will be several Institutes that specialize in, how shall I say, dubious research. The institute that conducts research into Interdimensional Translation is Arkham House. Yes, a healthy dose of Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythology is in this chapter! It will be lots of fun, with creepy monsters making people insane. Above is Dr Jacques LeFebvre, who is on a lecture tour, displaying his creature that he translated from another plane of existence. His lectures are very popular, except that most people who viewed his demonstration walked away with a splitting headache, and felt drained for several days….

Pictured above is another researcher at Arkham House that discovered that the creatures summoned to this plane had a strange attraction to classical music. Upon hearing some Mozart or Beethoven, the creatures would form symmetrical and almost geometrical shapes that moved in time with the music. The experiments proved tragic, however, as the beasts had a voracious appetite for the music and would not tolerate the sudden ending of the music, forcing the researchers to play for hours, until the point of exhaustion.

I hope to release both the sci-fi coloring book and Horrors of Science this year. So stay tuned for more updates. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram for more timely news…..

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  1. Fantastic work! I am a big fan of Edward Gorey, which your art reminds me of. I just ordered your coloring book, and I want to explain that coloring is a great quarantine activity, just have a picture and some pencils laying on the table, and when there is nothing to do, it just draws you to it. I can’t go shopping outside, so your post is well-timed. Looking forward to “Horrors of Science”

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