Where to Find It All

StephenBarnwell.com is my main site, and it’s where everything is. It a big site with links to my other sites and resources. So grab a seat, pour a cup of coffee, and settle in.

Come to my publishing site to see all of my books, and of course buy a few! Even if you prefer to purchase on Amazon, it’s best to check out the books here because my site has the best and fullest description of each book. Plus, if you order through Antarctica Arts, you can request to have a book signed!

This is my second-biggest website, for all my moneyart that I created from 1999 to 2014. Here you can learn all about the Lost Colony of Nadiria and my ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars. Plus, if you like political satire, you can check out all my other moneyart projects – but if you don’t like politics, it’s best to stay in the Dream-Dollars zone. Just click on the STORE link in the site’s masthead to purchase Dream-Dollars.

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