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Publishing has always fascinated me. I worked on a literary magazine in high school, was the photo editor of the yearbook, and created a humor magazine in college called HARD*BARD. I made tons of printed materials, brochures, postcards and flyers for all the films I made, even publishing a small zine in New York for a few years. It was a natural step for me to start publishing books, and so I created a publishing company called Antarctica Arts in 2014.

Capital Offenses, a monograph of my political satire (2014)

My first book was Capital Offenses, a 15-year retrospective of my political satire work. It was mostly moneyart, but it also included photos of some pranks like lawn signs, stickers, and stamps. Being my first book, I went all-out on an oversized, hardcover coffee-table book. Boy, was that expensive! However, Capital Offenses was named One of the Best Books of 2014 by Publisher’s Weekly, being one out of only five independently published books so named.

Oneirognosis, The Art of Dreaming (2015)

Changing directions wildly, the next book was about dreaming. Oneirognosis emerged from the ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars project, being a creation of the character, Constance Brundt, who is a dream prophetess of Nadiria. The long and detailed story of Nadiria will be told in future blog posts (and an upcoming book!). The dream-lore in Oneirognosis is real, as I attended a dream group that met every week in New York for several years, besides doing years of research on my own in the techniques of dreaming.

EQUINOX, A Coloring Book (2016)

My third book was a coloring book called. EQUINOX. Coloring was all the rage around 2013, and I decided to make a coloring book since my drawing style seemed perfect for this kind of illustration. EQUINOX took a year of solid drawing, producing over 54 illustrations. I”m glad to say that EQUINOX won a Bronze Medal in the 2016 Living Now Book Awards.

Angelikon, A Coloring Book (2017)

EQUINOX was pretty popular, so I created a second coloring book called, Angelikon. This book had an angelic and religious theme, but had fewer drawings. The angel drawings I did back in 1999 were the inspiration for the book. Angelikon also won an award: a Silver Medal in the 2017 Illuminatons Book Awards.

MoneyArt, a monograph of my moneyart work (2017)

Also in 2017, I published a paperback monograph of my complete moneyart works. Capital Offenses had most of my moneyart, but it didn’t have the Dream-Dollars, since they were non-political, so I decided to publish a more affordable book of all my moneyart.

Oneirognosis, paperback edition (2018)

After making MoneyArt, I felt that Oneirognosis would do well as a paperback, available worldwide through Amazon. Since the hardcover edition was square, and the paperback had to be a vertical rectangle (because of Amazon’s limitations), the entire book had to be redesigned in the new trim size. But it was worth it, more people are buying the paperback than the hardcover. Thank you!

Willoughby’s World of Wonder (2019)

And now the best part! My newest book is coming out very, very soon. As of the writing of this post, the book is at the printer, and should arrive in a couple of weeks. Willoughby’s is so much fun! It’s a Field Guide to Strange Beasts & Curious Creatures, originally published in 1882. It is a steampunk bestiary with mostly new and bizarre creatures, and old classic beasties redefined.

You can find all of these book on my site:

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