ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars Ninety-One Dollar Notes

There are Ninety-One days in a season, and the Ninety-One Dollar note pairs up with the Four Dollar note to form a Year. The theme of this denomination is the House, which is a common metaphor for a person’s Life: their actions, choices, accomplishments, personal sphere, and domain of experience. Your House, or life, is a creation of your own.

Ninety-One Dollar Winter note. Digital print with mixed media, 2.5″ x 6″ (2002)

The Obverse of the Winter note is the foundation of this denomination. The House is the center of our lives and the material manifestation of our souls. Pictured on the front is the Brundt House, where Samuel and Constance Brundt lived in Constonia before traveling to Nadiria. On the reverse, we see the Journal, in which we keep a record of our lives for future generations. Every member of the Church was required to keep a journal, so that what they learned, thought, and experienced would not be lost, but added to the great pool of Human Wisdom.

Ninety-One Dollar Spring note. Digital print with mixed media, 2.5″ x 6″ (2002)

In the season of Spring there is growth, restoration, and Healing. The front of the Spring notes shows the suffering soul finding solace and comfort in the embrace of the Healing Spirit. They sit before the Great Waterfall at the head of the Eden River, the river that serves many needs for Constonia. Many scholars, however, consider the waterfall to be another symbol for the source of health and healing. The reverse of this note depicts the Elixir, that which cures and restores both the body and soul. The exotic setting evokes mystery and occult knowledge.

Ninety-One Dollar Summer note. Digital print with mixed media, 2.5″ x 6″ (2002)

Work and Play are the themes of the Summer note. Like two sides of the same coin, Work and Play are viewed as two of the most important core values in the life of the colony. Shown on the obverse of the note is an idealized scene of the Constonian Iron Foundry, so important to the life of both remote outposts.  The reverse depicts several examples of Play, both physical and mental. What is especially interesting is the strong element of fate and chance that are depicted in these examples, which include dice and cards.

Ninety-One Dollar Autumn note. Digital print with mixed media, 2.5″ x 6″ (2002)

Autumn, the season of reaping and harvests, is the time of Abundance. Constonia was the bread-basket of Nadiria. Without the Argentinean plantation, Nadiria would quickly fail. So, it was natural to glorify the agricultural life of Constonia, and imbue it with idyllic properties. This is part of the Church’s whole idealization of Nature, almost to the point of worship.  The reverse features a barrel of Heaven’s Fire chemical, aptly embodying the essence of Need, as Nadiria was utterly dependent on the outside world for its most basic needs, including heat and light. The note suggests that to prevent Need, one must plan ahead, store, and manage one’s resources with Wisdom and Self-Control.

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