Willoughby’s World of Wonder Book Trailer

Everybody likes video! So, I finally made my first book trailer, for Willoughby’s World of Wonder. It was fun animating the images from the book, and it turns out that animating in Premiere is really easy! And fun! (Although now I need to get a RAID array for my video storage….) If you have a second, please check it out — but make sure you turn up the sound! The music is very cool. For those interested, the music was licensed from Epidemic Sound, a wonderful stock music site based in Europe. I highly recommend them to all filmmakers.

Lest you wonder why my first book trailer was rather sophisticated, this is not my first rodeo. I am an old independent filmmaker going way back to 1982. I made indie films for 16 years, while I was a commercial photographer in NYC. Then, in 1999, I got hired at R/Greenberg, and that’s when I evolved into a professional DP (Director of Photography) for R/GA. So, I’ve been making films and videos professionally for decades. I was taking a break from filmmaking since I retired, but I got Adobe Premiere for the Willoughby’s trailer, and now I’m hooked again! I plan on making trailers for all my books, and after that, who knows? Enjoy!

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