Willoughby’s Is Almost Here!

First copies of Willoughby’s arrived today!

My newest book, Willoughby’s World of Wonder is almost here! I’ve been working on this book for over 15 months, and it is in the final stages of production. It’s been having some printer trouble, but things are working themselves out slowly….. The book will be printed in two editions: a US Edition and an International Edition. The US Edition will be privately printed in a short run, so the quality is higher (I highly recommend getting the US Edition if you can!), and it will be available on AntarcticaArts.com and Amazon. The International Edition is printed by Ingram, the world’s biggest book distributor, and it will soon be available around the world in places like Barnes & Noble.com, Abe Books, and Book Depository. Plus retailers can order through Ingram and get a 55% reseller discount!

Willoughby’s is a classic 1882 Field Guide to Strange Beasts and Curious Creatures. But this is not your usual bestiary: although it has a good representation of the classic stuff like elves, pixies, sprites, unicorns, etc., most of the odd creatures are brand-new and never seen before!

I had a ton of fun creating new and bizarre creatures and Fey Folk for Willoughby’s, and there is a lot of subtle humor and puns throughout. One thing I tried to do is to reinvent the old standards (like Wyrewolves), deconstructing the mythologies and coming up with some surprises. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Willoughby’s World of Wonder, coming this summer!

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