Hexikon: Fortuna

The Fortuna Hexikon.

The fourth Hexikon I made was Fortuna, exploring the aspects of Fate. The cube was painted metallic blue, and, as always, the six images were pasted on opposite sides reflecting opposite concepts. I had fun with this Hexikon, because the symbols represent very primal themes: Blessing, Curse, Luck, Jinx, etc. We have always been fascinated with the future, and as a species have always sought ways to change it.

Blessing and Curse.

The first pair of images, on opposite sides of the cube, are Blessing and Curse. Since Fortuna represents aspects of Fate, this pair of images illustrates good and bad influences on us from outside. They are the ultimate opposing forces: good and evil.

Luck and Jinx.

The second pair of images are Luck and Jinx. While Blessing and Curse represent Good and Evil which are active forces, Luck and Jinx represent positive and negative forces that are passive; they are random, as opposed to deliberate action.

Wish and Fate.

The final set of opposing forces are Wish and Fate. Wish is about an active desire to change the future: an application of the will in order to effect change. Fate, on the other hand, is Destiny, which is immutable and unchangeable.

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