A New York Opening

Selfie Nation, Digital print, 16 x 20″ (2018)

This print, Selfie Nation, is an example of my new work. I did political satire with my moneyart from 1999 to 2014. I have moved on from moneyart, and am now doing large prints, using fantasy and surrealism, often making some kind of social commentary. Last year, this print was accepted into a New Prints exhibition at the International Print Center of New York. It seems that every major city has a prestigious printmaking organization, and IPCNY is New York’s.

The obligatory “trophy shot” of me by my print at the opening.

This was my second time being exhibited at IPCNY, and it’s always exciting to be in one of their shows. The quality of their shows is always excellent, and it is very competitive to get in. Plus, it’s a gallery that my family and friends can go to, as I live in the NYC area.

At the New Prints opening.

What’s interesting about IPCNY is that they are very experimental. They encourage the application of printmaking in all its forms, even 3D work using prints.

A very well attended opening!

After a couple of artist’s talks, the gallery really filled up. It was a hot, sweaty day in NY, but people came out for this show. It’s always wonderful to have a crowd at an opening. Thanks to all who came!

No matter how many come, there is always a crowd around the wine and cheese….
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